Quality & Experience passed down 3 Generations!!!

Quality and Experience Passed Down 3 Generation.
We give upfront pricing for all repairs before any work is started. We guarantee not to start work on your Bible without first providing to-the-cent pricing and getting authorization. Unlike others, we won't give you one price for rebinding your Bible and then once complete, add on to that price for additional labor that was required in the rebinding process. Once we provide you a price for rebinding your Bible, we stick to that pricing. If more work than our initial evaluation is required in rebinding your Bible (such as page pressing and repair, tape removal, page section reconstruction...), we will do the extra labor at no additional cost. As always, basic customizations are done as well at no extra cost. You may want 4 ribbons put into your Bible, or extra pages sewn into the back of the Bible for note taking, or maybe you would like your name stamped in gold or silver in the lower right hand corner of the front cover, or how about all the above. Regardless of the quantity of standard customizations, the price remains the same. So go ahead and design your Bible to meet your specific needs and let us bring your design to life.

   (Please feel free to contact us toll-free 1-800-525-8896 if there is any way that we can assist you.)

     Bring in your worn out Bible and let us rebind it and put new a genuine cowhide leather cover on it. We guarantee that it will work for years to come.

Study Bible Rebinding in Genuine Cowhide Leather = Starting Price: $120 (over 20 colors available)...Black, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Tan, Forest Green, Gray, Orange, Coffee Brown, Cinnamon Spice, Chocolate Brown, Rose, Aqua, Cream, Sky Blue, Magma, Marbled Brown, True Red, White, green, purple, Lavender, Royal Blue, 2-Tone Rust, Pink, Khaki, Mint Green, or Match the Color of Your Original Cover.   

Study Bible Rebinding in Genuine Calf-Skin Leather = Starting Price: $130 (colors available)...Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Deep Burgundy, Forest Green, Purple, Teal, Grey, Chocolate Brown, Taupe, Rust, Red, Powder Blue, Powder Pink, Fuchsia, Orange, Turquoise, Lavender, Beige, White.

Study Bible Rebinding in Genuine Goat-Skin = Starting Price: $160 (colors available)...Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Deep Burgundy, Forest Green, Purple, Teal, Grey, Chocolate Brown, Taupe, Rust, Red, Powder Blue, Powder Pink, Fuchsia, Orange, Turquoise, Lavender, Beige, White.

*The above prices are only “starting prices.” We do not “price guess,” nor do we charge for evaluating a project and providing exact pricing. The actual price for rebinding a used Bible is determined (in large part) by the condition and the system of binding with which the Bible is currently compiled. Only after we are able to physically inspect a Bible can we provide accurate pricing. For a free price quote, simply bring in your Bible to us here at:
                                                                                      Ace Bookbinding Co.
                                                                                              825 N. Classen Blvd.
                                                                                                    Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Upon inspecting your Bible and before any work is started, we will provide you with a free up-front/to-the-cent price for your consideration. O
nly after your approval will we proceed with the labors. We stand behind our pricing. Once we provide a price for a project and obtain authorization to proceed with the labors, if the rebind requires more work than initial thought, we will not raise the price, but will do the additional work at no extra charge. If you have further questions not answered above, please give us a call. Our nationwide toll-free phone number is: 1-800-525-8896 and we look forward to serving you.

All of our leathers are Genuine Animal Hide Skin Leathers. We do not use particle leathers such as Bonded Leather.
                                Included in your price quote:
                                            Stitching/sewing the pages of your Bible
                      Adding additional blank note pages to front and/or back of Bible
                                            Pressing damaged and wrinkled pages
                                                              Section Repair
                                                           New Bible liners
                                        Up to 5 new ribbons (any color combination)
                           Complete title stamped onto the spine of your new cover

(including...title of Bible, version, edition, and even publisher name)
                    Your name stamped in lower right-hand corner of the front cover
                    Your favorite life reference stamped under your name on the front cover

 If you have a older family-style Bible that needs to be restored, click here to see our Family Bible page. You can view "Before & After" pictures of century old Family Bibles that we have preserved and restored.

Questions? call us Toll-Free: 1-800-525-8896
We will be happy to answer all your questions.


All of our binding and rebinding work is done in shop. This is the reason that we are able to offer such low prices for exceptional quality Genuine Leathers.

Shipping address:  Ace Bookbinding Co.           
                    825 N. Classen Blvd.
                              Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Flexibility of our Genuine Cowhide Leathers.



          Bibles Rebound by Ace Bookbinding Co.









Cinnamon Spice
cowhide leather

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Cowhide Leather

           Cream                               Mint Green                     Pink           
                                cowhide leather                                                             cowhide leather                                                 cowhide leather                              

         Rebound Bibles                     Gray                           Royal Blue                
                   cowhide leather                                               cowhide leather                                         cowhide leather                        

               Rusty  Tan                                       Aqua                                Black-Navy-Royal     
       cowhide   leather                                                   cowhide leather                                                           cowhide leather         

                      Purple                          Rose                           Orange                                    cowhide leather                                       cowhide leather                                  cowhide leather                                      

People often ask if we will keep their notes that they have written in the front and back pages of their Bibles. Our answer is a simple "Yes". When we resew and put a new cover on a Bible, we are careful to make sure that we don't throw away any of the contents because we understand that the reason people get their Bibles rebound is because the Bible has sentimental value (maybe it was given as a gift from a special person, or it has been marked up, maybe it belonged to someone very special, or maybe they just like a particular Bible and would like a genuine leather cover put onto it).
Contact us:                                                                                                           Physical/Mailing address:
                             Locally:  405-525-8888                                                           Ace Bookbinding Co.
                           Nationwide Toll-Free:  1-800-525-8896                                  825 N Classen Blvd.
                         E-mail: al                                             Oklahoma City, OK 73106