Quality & Experience passed down 3 Generations!!!

Quality and Experience Passed Down 3 Generation.
Hardback binding:       We stitch the pages of our hardback books, rather than just gluing them, so that they will stay intact longer. And since we custom make our covers we are able to bind or rebind any size of book from a 3"x4"x1/4"thick wallet size notebook to a 32"x18"x5" thick stack of newspapers (any size, any thickness) into a durable hardback binding. With over 50 colors of material, 25 colors of Genuine Leather, and over 10 colors of foil stamping to choose from, we can turn your loose leaf book or digital file into a customized work of art. We also do soft back to hardback conversion. So if your favorite paper back book is getting torn and damaged, send it in and let us put a durable hardback cover on it.
    Front View                        Spine View                           Full Cover View
The above pictures are samples of a hardback book bound in imitation leather with sewn pages and gold foil stamping. Imitation leather is a material that has the look and feel of a leather at a fraction of the cost. If you are wanting a professional looking high grade material for a hardback binding we recommend imitation leather. It has a textured leather press [unlike our smooth grain cloth, ex. navy blue book pictured below] and is a very durable material. It is a great choice for hardback binding and we stock over 15 colors of this versatile material on a daily basis.
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Hard Back binding = (also known as library binding):   Cloth Cover $18.00 & up  (over 35 colors in stock)
                                                                       Imitation Leather $33.00 & up     (over 15 colors in stock) 
*The above price includes stitched pages (rather than just glued).
**Above pricing based on quantity.

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