Quality & Experience passed down 3 Generations!!!

Quality and Experience Passed Down 3 Generation.
Before and After:     Age & condition are not hindering factors at Ace Bookbinding Co. because our rebinding work is done by hand. We give individual care and attention to each and every job that we encounter.
And with 3 generations of experience, you can rest assure that your family heirloom will be in good hands.
The "BEFORE & AFTER" pictures below are examples of how we at Ace Bookbinding Co. are able to take old books -- regardless of size, age, or condition -- and restore them to their original beauty. Our master craftsmen turn old family heirlooms or antique books with faded covers into beautiful finished works by preserving the original covers rather than discarding them. We understand that part of the history and sentimental value of a book is contained in the original cover. Therefore, we offer repair and restoration services for your old books. When we repair old books or Bibles, we sew the pages together rather than just gluing them, so that the book will stay intact for decades of use. At Ace Bookbinding Co. you won't find us offering low grade leathers such as bonded leathers. The only real leathers we use are genuine animal hide skin leathers, since we not only take pride in our work but also guarantee it. Consequently, we use top of the line products to ensure that we will not have to redo our orders.

The pictures below are actual jobs that we have done. The "BEFORE" pictures show the books with torn, faded covers and pages falling out. The "AFTER" pictures show the same books after we have restored them!


After 3 generations of specializing in Repair & Restoration of Old Books & Bibles, we still do our rebinding work the old fashion hand.


The "before" pictures of the family Bible above demonstrates a Bible with an old and faded, yet, ornate original cover with the interior binding of the pages being broken. With the sewing split, some of the pages had shifted out of place and, consequently, these pages had been frayed. The "after" photos of the same Bible show the frayed pages have been repaired and the binding has been realigned and completely sewn to address the multiple breaks in the binding and to ensure against future splitting elsewhere in the future. The cover has been preserved by our master craftsmen and rebuilt so as to keep the original aesthetics and sentimental value of the Bible, while preserving the history and beauty of the Bible for many generations to come.


 Large ornate 19th century Family Bible with (after rebinding) cleaned, preserved,
                                            and refurbished original cover.

          Click on the below photos to see a larger view of the "before & after" picture of the Bible. 



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